About Us

We are specialists in Textile ZLD Projects, handles waste water treatment plants for the past 5years along with various associates before and after our own establishment we supply the ETP, STP, UF, MF, NF, RO plants, ATFD, etc., and also do erection, commisioning and maintenance of water and Waste water treatment plants.

We cater specially to Textile (Knits & Woven) & Printing industries, also we cater to industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Automobiles, Electronics etc., We understand that all customers are different; our strength comes from our own fabrication facility to design custom solutions and plants to suit client needs.

Scope of services:

  • Designing, engineering and project consultancy services
  • Manufacturing of water and wastewater treatment plants RO, UF, MF & NF plants. Plant upgradation-ZLD
  • Erection and commisioning activities, operation and maintenance of treatment plants
  • Revamping / Servicing of existing plants
  • Supply of spares, chemicals, resins, bio-culture & Sewage Pumps
  • Annual maintenance contracts