Filters (All Types) & Softeners

Industrial water softener is a removal of calcium, magnesium and some other ion particles from hard water. This process achieved through various methods such as lime softening and ion-exchange resins. We are manufacturer and suppliers of industrial and domestic wastewater softeners in India.

Operating Principle:

Filters and Softners is physical,chemical and biological processes used to remove contaminants from industrial wastewater,municipal and household sewages.

How water softening works?

Water softener filter allows the hard water to passed downwards through a bed of ion-exchange resins. In this process the ion exchange resins attract the calciums, magnesium,and it replaced by less problematic sodium ions. After ion exchange resins are saturated, the regeneration process is started. In this process completed through ion exchange resins backwash cycle. Once the backwash cycle was done most of hard ion particles removed from wastewater.

Water Filters:

Filtration is a process to removing hard particles from suspension. Filtration process done through various steps that are straining, flocculation, sedimentation and surface capture.

Water Softener Methods :

Removing hardness ion particles from hard water achieved over several techniques that are:

  • Ion-exchange resin.
  • Lime Softening.
  • Chelating Agents.
  • Distillation and rain water.
  • Reverse Osmosis.

Best For Industries:

  • Textile Processing Units
  • Tannery Industries
  • Pharma Manufacturing Units
  • Food Processing Industries

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