Sewage Treatment Plants

Operating Principle:

Sewage treatment is physical,chemical and biological processes used to remove contaminants from industrial wastewater,municipal and household sewages.

Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from commercial and domestic disposals. This disposal contains the waste & water of Residential, Institutions, Hotels, Apartments, and Home. STP uses the Biological, Chemical and Physical process to remove sewage from wastewater. Treated water could be used for various purposes bathroom flushing, garden, and more. We are manufacturer and supplier of Sewage Treatment Plant in India, Mumbai, and Chennai.

Advantages of STP:

● To avoid heavy municipal penalty.
● To avoid fresh water acquisition.
● To save water cost.

STP Plant Process Steps:


Primary Treatment

Secondary Treatment

Advanced/Tertiary Treatment

STP Plant Technology:

ASP - Activated Sludge Process.

MBBR - Moving Bed Bio Reactor.

SAFF - Submerged Aerated Fixed Flim.

SBR - Sequential Bio Reactor.

MBR - Membrane Bio Reactor.

  • Best For Industries:
  • Textile Processing Units
  • Tannery Industries
  • Pharma Manufacturing Units
  • Food Processing Industries

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Produce biogas in sewage sludge treatment process to meet energy needs.